This document is an integral part of the General Terms and Conditions of By accepting the General Terms and Conditions at the time of registration, the user accepts the policies contained herein. has a user review system that is easy to use and consult. This System is updated periodically as users make transactions on the site.

The review system reflects the trajectory of the seller, allowing to differentiate their behavior from the services offered by does not manipulate or intervene in the process of forming the reputation of the seller, but consolidates objective information related to the operations of the user on the site received from other members of the community. Notwithstanding this and in case of breach of the General Terms and Conditions and other policies, may apply a penalty that negatively impacts a user's reputation. For more information on sanctions, read clause 9 of the Terms and conditions of use of the Site. does not verify the veracity or accuracy of the comments granted by other users and is not responsible for what is expressed within the site or through other means, including email. All information provided by users will be included on the site under the sole responsibility of the issuer.

Buyer users who have completed an operation must enter a rating towards the seller; You can also enter a comment if you wish.

The rating and comments should correspond exclusively to the transaction for which you are qualifying.

System Restrictions

It is forbidden to comment and express opinions of a private or personal nature that are not related to the operation on which another user is being rated. may restrict and / or prohibit the hiring of any of its services to users whose reputation is below certain levels set by at its sole discretion.


You may not self-qualify or interfere in any way with the qualification itself, be it by inducing people other than those with whom a transaction is completed, to make fictitious or simulated ratings, and / or to comment on them; either through the use of any mechanism to distort or alter the Review System. Failure to comply with any of these prohibitions will be subject to the sanctions provided in the General Terms and Conditions of

Ratings for each Transaction

Only one qualification will be allowed for each closed transaction.

Deadline to Qualify

The maximum period to qualify the seller with whom a transaction was made will be 7 days from the purchase on the site.

Responsibility for qualifications

The User knows and accepts to be the sole responsible for the comments made within the User Review System of It is important to be objective with the opinions and respectful in the sayings, because the user will be able to answer for the actions that other users can take, that they consider injured some right or violated some law. will not be responsible, in any case, for opinions or comments expressed by the Users within the site or through any other means, including email.

Elimination of qualifications

As a general rule does not eliminate ratings, replicas or opinions or comments about a user. may delete the opinions and comments about a user, when there is a judicial, police or administrative order or the disposition of a competent authority that supports the request in this regard or when considers that it is unfounded. You may consider editing or deleting ratings, opinions or comments in the following cases:

  • When the opinion or comment is not related to a transaction in and this circumstance is evident.
  • When personal information about the user is included, such as name, address, telephone or email, etc.
  • When the opinion or comment uses vulgar language and / or includes offenses.
  • If the rating, opinion or negative comment violates any of the rules on User Rating described here. Likewise, if it goes against the norms or principles contained in the General Terms and Conditions or in the User Manual of You can edit or delete the ratings, opinions or comments that respond to any of the situations we have exposed, by your own decision or when the affected user requests it. will edit the comments and delete those phrases that include inappropriate language or personal information. The rest of the opinion and rating will be maintained. If the user would like to make a claim for any comments received, they should contact us, to make the corresponding request. In any case, will not make changes in any qualification, as long as it cannot be demonstrated that it was made in the circumstances already described.

Responsibility of It has no obligation to verify the veracity or accuracy of the ratings and is NOT responsible for the said statements made by any user, for the offers of purchases or sales made by the Users taking into account the qualifications of the counterparty or for any other comments expressed within the site or through any other means including email. reserves the right to edit or delete comments that are considered inappropriate or offensive. maintains the right to exclude those Users who are subject to negative comments from different sources.


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