We designed a system, contained by a set of terms and rules, to ensure the timely tracking and safeguarding of our subscribers' property rights, so that subscribers can report publications that infringe their rights.

  • If you are the owner or attorney-in-fact of an intellectual property right and you make a complaint about a particular publication, because it infringes on your rights, that publication will be removed.

    Once the complaint has been made, we will ask the denounced subscriber for the documentation that accredits the ownership of the right.

    According to your response, we may continue the complaint or leave it without effect. If the denounced subscriber does not reply, we will definitively delete the publication. Otherwise, the publication will remain active.

  • If any of your publications receives a complaint from a subscriber of Chocolateros.net, you must respond in a timely manner and demonstrate that it does not violate their rights by sending the necessary documentation to verify.

    In case of receiving a complaint, we will hide the publication of the listings, we will send an e-mail with the notification and the steps to follow. The denounced will have 7 working days to communicate with the team of Chocolateros.net, and at the same time to send the documentation that proves that the publication does not infringe rights of intellectual property.

    Please note that if you receive complaints about several publications, you must send the documentation for each of them.

  • Once you send the required, the team of Chocolateros.net, will have 15 working days to analyze the documentation consigned and decide if it is appropriate to demonstrate that the publication does not infringe any rights. In the meantime, the publication will remain hidden.
  • In the event that the Chocolateros.net team, upon exhaustively analyzing the documentation, comes to the conclusion that it does not infringe intellectual property rights of the denouncing subscriber, the publication will be reactivated.
  • The publication will be definitively eliminated if it is determined that in effect the rights of the denouncing subscriber are being infringed or if the documentation is not timely or required for such verification. If the denouncement is not answered within 7 working days, the publication will also be definitively eliminated.

Products and/or publications that violate intellectual property rights will be mentioned below:

  • Publications that violate the laws on copyright, patents, trademarks and industrial designs.
  • The sale of unauthorized copies, counterfeits or replicas that violate Intellectual Property rights.
  • The use of logos or trademarks on products that were not officially made by the holder of Intellectual Property rights.
  • Accounts for forums, e-mails, social networks, communities or any other site that requires an account for its use.


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