Milk chocolate is the most widely consumed worldwide. For example, in Switzerland, approximately 80% of the population prefers milk chocolate, in America this figure varies around 72%, and in Belgium, around 50%. The popularity of milk chocolate in the world is undeniable, and its flavor conquers more and more hearts with its tenderness and softness.

The idea of creating milk chocolate spread widely in the minds of chocolate producers because adding milk to dark chocolate would significantly reduce its cost since milk chocolate would require a less expensive cocoa butter. Besides, the addition of milk made the taste more pleasant and tender.

Many manufacturers tried to add raw milk to chocolate but their attempts were unsuccessful.  In 1860, Henry Nestlé experimented with cow's milk, wheat flour and sugar, but the results were not as desired, and it was not until 1875, when the Swiss Daniel Peter decided to add milk powder to chocolate, thus giving the world the first milk chocolate.

Chocolate milk, made without preservatives and artificial additives is very useful and nutritious. Not only can it be eaten quickly, but it also improves mood. As an antidepressant, it promotes the development of the "happiness hormone" in the body, which rapidly increases the mood. Milk chocolate lovers are less prone to stress and irritation, they are optimistic and confident in life.

In addition, the consumption of this type of product improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system and also prevents the development of malignant tumors, provides vitamins PP, B1 and B2, and improves brain function, this being very important especially for students.

It is important to note that high quality milk chocolate should have a pleasant chocolate smell, it must have a beautiful appearance without any unnecessary stains, and its taste should not be marred by chemicals. When the chocolate melts in the mouth, pay attention that there are no lumps and that there is not an unpleasant fatty plaque on the tongue.

Only high quality milk chocolate will allow you to enjoy an unbeatable flavor and receive an inexhaustible pleasure that will not harm your health.