If we ask any person what types of chocolates he knows, he will surely answer: black, milk and white. However, in recent years we can hear or even see on supermarket shelves or stores, an unusual green chocolate, and no wonder, since its color is usually given by the use of green tea or seaweed.

It is logical to think that green chocolate should have been invented by the Japanese or even by the Chinese, but nothing of the kind, it was the Spaniards who created such an unusual delicacy, making use of seaweed, with the intention of losing weight , because it contains a large number of special amino acids that suppress the appetite.

And where is the green tea based? Well this is where the Japanese come in, who are fervent lovers of green tea and consider it a main ingredient to lead a healthy lifestyle. For making this type of chocolate, they make use of Matcha green tea, the only type of tea whose leaves when rubbed into powder and dissolved in water.

The chocolate itself has a nice refreshing slightly bitter taste of real green tea, mixed with the sweetness of white chocolate. This unusual taste can attract many fans of something extraordinary. No doubt you should try it.