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Green chocolate

If we ask any person what types of chocolates he knows, he will surely answer: black, milk and white. However, in recent years we can hear or even see on supermarket shelves or stores, an unusual green chocolate, and no wonder, since its color is usually given by the use of green tea or seaweed. It is logical to think that green chocolate should have been invented by the Japanese or even by the Chinese, but nothing of the kind, it was the Spaniards who created such an unusual delicacy, making use of seaweed, with the intention of losing weight , because it contains a large number of special amino acids that suppress the appetite.

White chocolate

White chocolate first appeared in the 30s by the well-known firm "Nestlé", launching a bar called Galak. This type of chocolate is a mixture of shortening, sugar and milk powder. Unlike other varieties of chocolate, it does not contain cocoa powder, which makes it have a creamy color. In many European countries the production of white chocolate is strictly standardized. According to some standards, the tablets should contain at least 20% cocoa butter, the proportion of milk powder should not be less than 14%, milk fat - approximately 3.5 - 4% and 55% of sugars or other sweeteners. But many growers replace costly cocoa butter with hydrogenated vegetable fats. Therefore, if you want to consume it, carefully study the label.

Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate is the most widely consumed worldwide. For example, in Switzerland, approximately 80% of the population prefers milk chocolate, in America this figure varies around 72%, and in Belgium, around 50%. The popularity of milk chocolate in the world is undeniable, and its flavor conquers more and more hearts with its tenderness and softness.

Dark chocolate

Since ancient times, dark chocolate has been called black gold and rightly so, since only very rich and wealthy people could buy it. Dark chocolate has always been associated with wealth, wealth and luxury. The times have passed and this type of chocolate has become cheaper and is now available to all segments of society, considered one of the best thanks to the great benefits it provides.

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